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Rebecca Bruce:  Adoption Practice


As a practicing attorney with BRUCE & BRUCE, Rebecca represents parties in adoption when they retain Rebecca to help with an "identified" situation. For example, she often represents adoptive parents who come to her with a child in mind to adopt. That child might be born or expected to be born in the future (i.e., a step child, relative, or other known child, or the child might be due to be born to a birth parent that has already selected the adoptive parents to parent the child).

BRUCE & BRUCE does not have a program for waiting adoptive families. In other words, within Rebecca's law firm, she does not offer a "matching service" to help adoptive parents find either a child or expectant parents looking for adoptive parents. Rebecca had founded an Adoption Agency, which is separate from the law office, and the agency has offers "matching services." 




Rebecca's practice encompasses the following:

Adoptions of Infants

Adoptions of Special Needs Children

Interstate Adoptions

Step-Parent Adoptions

Foster Parent Adoptions

Grandparent or Other Relative Adoptions

Contested Adoptions

Re-adoptions / Finalizing Adoptions 
of Foreign-born Children 


"Adoption is a wonderful way to build a forever family.  I know.  Besides being privileged to have an adoption law practice, I am an adoptive mother.  Four times over.  No two situations are alike though (just as no two children are alike!), so you are not going to find "canned" information about adoptions and fees anywhere on this website.

However, I do invite you to contact me.  If you are considering adopting (or in some cases, readopting) a child, whether already born, or yet to be born, I would be happy to discuss your situation with you and answer your questions about Indiana or interstate adoption law and talk with you about my legal fees.

When you contact my office, if you are required to leave a message (or, if you send an email), please convey at a minimum information about the type of adoption situation you are currently experiencing, or about the type of adoption situation you are pursuing and also the state in which you reside."

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