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   Family Law Practice


Steven Bruce endeavors to handle divorce and family law cases in a compassionate and professional way.  Family law matters
can be emotionally and financially taxing for clients; some of this is unavoidable given the nature of the situation, but many family law cases can get burdened with unnecessary stressors -- Steven tries to work proactively and preemptively wherever possible to keep these unnecessary stressors from coming into play in his clients' family law cases.


(included, but not limited to)


Child custody

Child support 



Guardianship of minor child



Visitation Issues

(parents, grandparents, relatives, etc.)


With regards to adoptions, Steven's experience as a litigator and his personal and professional experiences with adoption make him well equipped to handle contested adoption matters.  

He also works in tandem with Rebecca on step-parent, relative, and foster parent adoptions.